by Carol Riley, Staff Writerr

Do you do this? You keep going to the same places to shop and eat always thinking to yourself that you should try new places. I have been wanting to shop at the Food Co-op on Kearney St. in Port Townsend for years. I want to visit New Day Fisheries and try Sea J’s Café, and I just never get there. Well, on a recent Friday, I decided it was time to tackle some of those items on my to-do list.

Food Co-op, Port Townsend

First stop, the Food Co-op. I have to say I was impressed. The fresh produce was bountiful, attractively displayed, and so much of it was local. I am very much a periphery-of-the-store shopper, something I once learned in a healthy eating/shopping class, and the periphery of this store has wonderful choices. Great meat and fish, local eggs, excellent deli offerings, extensive selection of cheeses, and a wonderful alcove full of bins with pack-yourown grains, pastas, and snacks. I did detour from the periphery, however, because they also have an interesting beer and wine section. I’m just sorry it took me so long to visit this local gem.

New Day Fisheries

I love all things seafood, and I have been noticing the New Day Fisheries sign as you drive into town. After a few false starts, I found them. Located at 2427 Washington St., the warehouse building has a simple sign that says “Office.” New Day is mostly a wholesale operation, a very big wholesale operation, as I learned from the owner Scott Kimmel. I interrupted his and his dog’s lunch, but he was gracious and told me that they never turn away a customer who is interested in fresh Dungeness crab or spot prawns. New Day is also known for its famous lutefisk, a product that every self-respecting Norwegian counts among their favorite foods. I bought a 2-pound live Dungeness crab and a jar of the lutefisk for my 100-year-old Norwegian neighbor. The crab was amazing, so fresh, and the lutefisk was a big hit.

Sea J’s Café

I ended the adventure at Sea J’s Café, located right across from New Day, for their cod and chips. It was, as promised, one of the best I have had. Do go hungry though because the portions are large and the perfectly cooked fish comes with a large order of fries, cole slaw, and a slice of toasted garlic bread.

So, if you have been building a list of places to try, pick a day and do it! It was so much fun and now I have some new favorites.