Earthquakes aren’t going to stop during a pandemic: Let’s be prepared

by Jay Bakst, Port Ludlow Great Washington Shakeout Coordinator

Our earthquake preparation does not stop because of a pandemic. Each October, Jefferson County participates in the Great Washington Shakeout. It is a time to review the steps to take should a big earthquake occur and a chance to coordinate actions between Port Ludlow and Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management. This year’s event is scheduled for 10:21 a.m., Thursday, October 21. 

At that time, a number of announcements will let people know the test is starting. These include texts from Emergency Management and an announcement on KPTZ. 

All of us can learn and prepare to practice personal emergency actions. These include preparing and reviewing our personal and family emergency plan; creating and checking on a grab bag and emergency food stock; learn and participate in Drop, Cover, and Hold On during the test; and learning about what will and will not be available in the event of an emergency.

This year, the Port Ludlow Emergency Management team will be testing additional communication steps to ensure that we can get help, when available, and if needed. Block Captains will meet with neighbors in early October to organize who will be participating and what they will want/need to do. Participants can download ‘OK/TEST’ signs to post where visible. The Emergency Management Team is a part of and supported by the Port Ludlow Village Council. 

We encourage all to participate. You can contact your block captain or email Jay Bakst at

The graphic for the article is from the Great Washington Shakeout website: