Disaster Is Coming — Are You Ready?

We have all probably experienced the frustration and discomfort caused by a power outage for 12 to 24 hours. What if we have a major storm causing power outages lasting a week or more?

Now imagine it is February 1979. An 85-mph windstorm has swept over Port Ludlow, and trees are down on houses and roads. Oak Bay and Paradise Bay roads are impassable, and the Hood Canal Bridge is gone. Power, water, and sewer service are out and remain out for more than a week. Would you have enough water and food? How are you going to keep warm, cook your food, or use the bathroom?

This could also happen with a big snowstorm or an earthquake. Are you ready? If you are not sure how to prepare for these and other types of emergency or disaster situations, then watch for a special delivery coming to North Bay neighborhoods in the near future.

The LMC Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) will be going door to door in mid-August to deliver a booklet and other information that contain instructions and recom- mendations on how to prepare for the unexpected and help you and your family stay safe.

EPC volunteers and PLVC block captains will be distrib- uting packets and hoping to speak with someone at each home. If you are not home, your packet will be available at the LMC Beach Club after Monday, August 22.

These packets represent a commitment by LMC to ensure that members know the resources available and how to be part of a safe response during a disaster or emergency. The EPC is also planning regular workshop presentations which will further increase your understanding of emergency situ- ations we might face and what to do.

“When a disaster strikes, it’s too late to prepare!” Do it now and be able to say, Yes, I’m ready!