DigitalLife Updates & Events

The Port Ludlow DigitalLife (PLDL) Board of Directors held our annual meeting via Zoom on Monday, October 19, 2020. We discussed our treasury, approved the minutes from last year’s annual meeting, and the future of our three special-interest groups: Camera, Photo editing, and All Things Apple. We reviewed progress with our community outreach programs (Habitat for Humanity and Bayside), approved the revised Bylaws, and elected a new board.

While the Bay Club remains closed, the current focus of the club is to provide digital education through a monthly newsletter with the addition of occasional workshops led by members of PLDL. In the newsletter you will find tips on photography, photo editing, and technical tips for the computer user. 

In October, Jane Herzog presented the first Zoom workshop, which focused on Negative Space. Members who attended learned more about the topic, shared their examples of negative space, and explained how they captured and processed their images. Participants were encouraged to offer feedback on each photo.

 During our Covid-19 pause, members of PLDL expanded and refreshed our website. Go to to enjoy the stunning 2020 Photo Exhibit and view the recent addition of the Member Galleries.

As we await in-person meetings, we welcomed a new member to PLDL, John Nuerenberg, who has worked in IT and recently moved to Port Ludlow. John has offered to teach a class on Facebook Security and Privacy via Zoom, on March 15.  He is passionate about using Facebook to connect with friends and family and wants to teach us how to use it securely. John is looking forward to offering classes in person, once we are able to return to the South Bay Club.

If you are interested in attending the March 15 session, or would like more information on PLDL, please contact Robin Glass