Create Fire-Safe Spaces Around Your Home

by Keppie Keplinger, Public Information Officer, Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue

With June here and warmer weather to come, it’s time to protect the area around your home from the risk of fire. Your local fire department provides these guidelines:

  • Move any combustible materials—including mulch, flammable plants, leaves, and firewood piles—away from the exterior walls of your house.
  • Clear leaves and fir needles from roofs and gutters.
  • Remove items stored underneath decks or porches.
  • Remove vegetation under trees.
  • Remove vegetation under large stationary propane tanks.
  • Remove dead plant and tree material from your yard.
  • Deter fire progress with fuel breaks such as driveways, walkways, paths, patios, and decks.
  • Trim low-hanging foliage back to a safe distance from the outer reaches of your house.
  • Plan for a mature tree canopy that will be no closer than ten feet from edge of the structure.

You can find more information about fire safety at If you have questions about creating fire-safe spaces outside your home or have other questions for Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue, please contact the fire station at 360-437-2236.