Port Ludlow Pickleball Association

by Deanne Pedersen, President, PLPBA

Please join our fun and energetic group and learn the sport of pickleball.

Come down and try playing a couple of times and see if you would like to join our group. We meet at the Beach Club courts.

Our Association dues are $35 fee for the year. Please contact Deanne for play times for new members.

Deanne at PLPBA@yahoo.com, or 713-504-2969.

Port Ludlow Women’s Golf Leagues

by Kathy Traci, PLWGA and Lady Niner’s Publicity Chairperson

Thanks to great planning by Chairperson Peggy Selby, the PLWGA 2021 Opening Day was lots of fun. The theme of the 9 holes of play was “Mean Girls.” This format allowed each player two chances to switch balls with another player to gain an advantage during the 9 holes of play.  Prizes were awarded for the different traits of “mean girl” behavior.  To soften the “mean girl” theme, Selby distributed handmade women’s golf themed fabric goodie bags.  This resulted in elevated members’ moods prior to play. 

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Sea Kayaking In and Around Port Ludlow

by Marie Bogan, Contributing Writer

We live in a watery part of the world. You might have noticed that. But what you might not know is that our local waters (collectively known as the Salish Sea) offer some world-class kayaking opportunities. 

Many sea kayakers, upon moving to Port Ludlow, aren’t sure about the best places to launch for a day paddle. That was my experience when I moved here almost four years ago, so I wanted to share some salt-water knowledge I’ve learned along the way.

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Trail Mix

by Larry Scott

An old margarine ad had the tag line “It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature!”, and woe be to those try to do so. Trails would not dream of trying to go against Good ‘Ol Ma Nature, but we do try on occasion to mitigate some of her activities. Yes, trail hiking community, we are aware that some/many/most/all of the trails are muddy. We also know that this has been an exceptionally wet and prolonged winter so some of the trails will be muddier than others. Because of Mama Nature this year, the number of multiple locations needing some mitigation is a bit overwhelming. However, on March 9, an intrepid group made an effort to, not fool Her Nibs, but to address what she has been doing this year.

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