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On page 10 of the July 2021, the writer shows a picture of a building, and employs his “hunches and jumps to logic” to conclude this was Port Ludlow’s first fire station. I have attached a picture of the same building I took several minutes ago (noon on 7/1/2021) which is located in the same spot that is has been since I first went in it to purchase salmon fishing gear in 1954. The building was owned and used by Carol Capehart. It is located on Olympus Boulevard. The building was added to over the years to accommodate the expanding business.

When Port Ludlow development began, Pope and Talbot donated the land, and the local Volunteer Fire Department members built the former fire station. The building was demolished to make way for the existing structure.

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Port Ludlow’s First Fire Station

“I would like to thank Mr. Eldridge for his constructive response to my mistakes in the article. He is certainly a valuable resource for any information in future Port Ludlow articles.”

If nothing else, I now have a local person I can bounce information off  for any other articles I do of this nature. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to respond.

Tim Rensema