March Spotlight Article

Center Valley Animal Rescue—an Amazing Journey

by Mac and MJ McCulloch, Contributing Writers

Although the Voice has previously published articles on Center Valley Animal Rescue (CVAR), it’s such a wonderful organization with so many innovative things happening that it’s time for an update. First, here’s a brief history.

In 2004 the Penhallegons purchased 32 acres north of Quilcene, and Sara Penhallegon founded CVAR. She has grown this organization, with the help of some great volunteers, into one of Washington’s best domestic and wildlife rescues. Currently CVAR rescues, rehabilitates, and adopts out over 100 domestic animals yearly. Wildlife rescue is a big part of the operation too, with CVAR being the only rescue facility in Jefferson County that takes in all animals.

Tatonka the bison and the long-suffering Thyme.

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