South Bay Community Association Update

Addressing the Possibility of Reopening the Bay Club

by Bartholomew Clark, SBCA President

Realistic Challenges

For most of the past year, the Covid-19 virus has run wild in the US population.  We are now at risk for more virulent and/or communicable mutations of the virus (a.k.a, “variants”). This risk is based upon the math: the more opportunities the virus has to replicate, the more variants are produced. Not all variants are worse than the original, but some are. More dangerous variants occur when there are more mutations. Right now, we don’t know to what extent current vaccines can protect us from these emerging mutations.      

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Bay Club/ South Bay News

SBCA Update – 2020 in Review

by Bartholomew Clark, SBCA President

While writing this update during the first week of 2021, I reflected upon 2020’s challenges, accomplishments, and lessons learned. The SBCA Board dealt with numerous challenges during 2020 beginning with Covid-19-related issues that involved possible reopening scenarios, communications with members to maintain perspective regarding their ongoing assessment obligations, cost-saving measures and other actions taken during the Bay Club closure, as well as tough decisions involving personnel and payroll. The Board also spent a tremendous amount of time dealing with violations of our CC&Rs, which involved levying fines and interest, incurring substantial legal fees, and ultimately filing a lawsuit and a property lien for noncompliance.

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