Success at Great Washington Shakeout

by Bill Dean, PLVC Emergency Management Committee Chair

This year’s goals for the Port Ludlow Shakeout exercise on October 20 were to increase the number of homes displaying the OK-TEST signs and increase the percentage of Block Captains who responded by radio. The TEST sign was a substitute for HELP which might have been mistaken for an actual emergency. The results were amazing. Compared to last year, we more than doubled participation of homes displaying the signs from 75 to 164. Although the number of Block Captains did not increase, the number who responded on their radios increased from 42% to 69%. Furthermore, the percentage of neighborhoods where at least one Block Captain responded increased from 65% to 73%.

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Port Ludlow Village Council Receives Public Health Hero Award

Jefferson County Public Health selected the Port Ludlow Village Council to receive a Public Health Hero Award in the category of “Public Health: Pandemic Awareness” and “Community: Collaboration and Resilience.” Nominations were solicited from the public throughout April and May across seven distinct categories, each recognizing diverse ways health, wellbeing, and safety have been promoted by individuals and/or groups across Jefferson County.

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