Jefferson Healthcare Nursing Team Excels

Jefferson Healthcare nurses recently received the highest marks for nurse communication, according to Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems scores from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The rating represents communication from hospital inpatient stays, which include the Acute and Intensive Care Units as well as Family Birth.

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New Meeting Room Policy

A rare working agreement between the Ludlow Maintenance Commission (AKA the North Bay) and the South Bay Community Association was unveiled in February, allowing officially designated Community Organizations free access to meeting rooms at both Club houses. That access includes both the smaller meeting rooms and the larger Auditorium/Bayview rooms. Scheduling will be done on a 50/50 basis, so each Club hosts the same number of meetings each month.

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Noxious Weed Alert

by Elena Smith, Assistant Coordinator of Jefferson County Noxious Weed Control Program

European Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) was spotted this February in the Shine area, for the first documented time in Jefferson County. This is a noxious weed that originates from—you guessed it—Europe, but is quick to invade our beautifully temperate state just as easily. It creeps along forest understories, spreading via its dense root system, and doesn’t mind an overly wet, dry, or disturbed environ- ment. It crowds out native vegetation and is very difficult to remove completely once it gets established.

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Chimacum Offers College in the High School

by Kim Kooistra, School Principal

For such a small school, Chimacum Junior/Senior High has many extraordinary course offerings for our students. We have classes in Career and Technical Education (CTE) for construction and woodshop, and agriculture and culinary classes, among other programs. Students can also customize their learning with an array of online programs, from world languages to advanced placement (AP) offerings.

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