Jeweler of the Month – Pamela Raine

Pamela Raine enjoyed crafting jewelry based on the treasures she collected from her worldwide travels. However, since the pandemic Pamela’s inspiration has come from sources closer to home.

Pamela creates necklaces and earrings reminiscent of the pink hues of the flowers in her garden, the blues and greens of the tumbled glass she discovered at Port Townsend’s North Beach, and the colorful sunsets over the Port Ludlow Marina.

PLAL JOM Oct 2021 – Necklace and earrings by Pamela Raine Submitted photo

You can view Pamela’s jewelry online at and in person at the Sound Community Bank and at the Port Ludlow Art Gallery For more information, please email

The bank and gallery are located at the corner of Oak Bay Road and Osprey Ridge Drive in Port Ludlow. If you’d like to purchase Pamela’s jewelry on display at the bank, please email to make a sales appointment or stop by the Gallery between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

Port Ludlow Art League

Artist of the Month – Ann Bernard

A life-long artist and working mom, Ann Bernard’s retirement has enabled her to pursue her artistic passion full time. Ann uses evocative color combinations to create impressionistic and abstract art with oils and acrylics. Ann’s goal is to first attract viewers to her artwork and then draw them in so they can explore her intricate and multi-layered backgrounds.

For Ann, abstract art is a deeply intuitive process that frees her to instinctively create compositions without preconceived ideas, empowering her artwork to take on a life of its own. 

PLAL AOM Oct 2021 – High Desert Day by Ann Bernard
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Port Ludlow Art League

Port Ludlow Art League’s Artist of the Month – Diane Walker

Before she began creating abstract paintings, Diane Walker was a professional photographer whose award-winning work has been featured in books, magazines, and galleries across the country.

Currently, Diane’s photography is integral to her ongoing contemplative practice. She began posting her photos and poems in 2007 and continues to post daily on Facebook and at Best known for her boat photos, Diane now focuses on local flora and fauna and waterfront scenes but also includes images from India and Nepal. Her photos are complemented with a brief message summarizing her contemplative response to the image.

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Group Art Exhibit at the Port Ludlow Bay Club

Heron by Georganne Muse

After a long hiatus, the Bay Club will once again host group art exhibits sponsored by the Port Ludlow Art League. The theme for this group art exhibit is Feathered Friends.

Birds in art can symbolize freedom, hope, and peace. Birds also evoke images of flight, song, caring for young, hunting, and as pets. Members of the Port Ludlow Art League will create artwork that features all aspects of our feathered friends.

The art exhibit is available for viewing in person at the Bay Club during August and September. The Bay Club is located at 120 Spinnaker Place in Port Ludlow. For more information on art exhibits at the Bay Club, contact Alan Ahtow at