Building Online Resources for a Small Business

Small-business or hobby-business owners often think they don’t need a web site or social media presence, especially if they aren’t selling online. But now, with cell phones firmly established as “computers in everyone’s pocket,” companies must assume potential customers are constantly scrolling through their screens for information. And that means companies must be easy to find online.

Compass & Clock will host a free seminar on Thursday, June 16, to discuss the benefits of online platforms, how to use them, and ways they can help grow a business. The 11:30 a.m. virtual presentation will be given by Amber Hasenpflug, owner of Pacific Creative Studio and a self- described “maven of online marketing.”

Hasenpflug said she started her company to help small- business owners transition to the digital age. During the seminar, she will also share tips on employing social media for personal use.

The monthly Compass Points seminars are presented live, to give attendees a chance to interact directly with experts in their fields. For more information and registration visit