Board Meeting Summary

by Sally Franzel, PLVC Secretary

At the July 1, 2021, Port Ludlow Village Council Board Meeting the following reports were given:

Diana Smeland—President, Port Ludlow Associates
Hospitality: the Fireside Restaurant has been impacted by the on-going shortage of staff. The restaurant will be closed to the general public Mondays and Tuesdays. Breakfast and a take-out dinner will still be offered to guests staying at the Inn. Washington State has 80,000 jobs available in the hospitality area. PLA continues to search for interested individuals including retirees and high school students and would appreciate any referrals.

Real estate: West Harbor Homes is experiencing supply chain issues with materials such as roof trusses, engineered wood, appliances, and windows. Those delays made pre-sales difficult as prices were increasing and many potential customers could not wait a year and a half to have their homes built. Referring to Olympic Terrace 2 (OT2) Phase 2, the information on desired plot changes had been published for 30-day public comment. The sales of Phase 2 is scheduled to commence in first or second quarter 2022, but might be delayed due to the shortages of building supplies and changes in demand in the real estate market.

D docks replacement: PLA’s application to the Corps of Engineers for a permit to replace D docks has been on hold for a year and a half. The Corps is in the process of putting together a mitigation program which will apply even if the applicant wishes to replace or repair an existing dock in exactly the same place. The Port Hadlock Marina has recently received their permit, and PLA is hopeful that their permit will be received soon so that work on D Dock West could be scheduled between June and October 2022, using steel pilings. Only one permit can be applied for at a time and once the first project has been completed, a permit would then be requested for work on three quarters of the marina, and eventually a permit for work on the remaining quarter of the marina and a possible expansion.

Olympic Water and Sewer, Inc. (OWSI): The water filtration project is 90 percent complete and testing will commence in July or August. The project should be completed by the beginning of fourth quarter 2021 and management remained confident that the January 1, 2022, deadline for a reduced interest rate on the loan would be met.

Guest presentation by Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fire Division
The guest speakers were Eric Flanigan, Fire District Manager, Olympic Region, and Matt Cervenka, DNR Fire Unit Manager for East Jefferson and East Clallam Counties. The presentation included a description of how DNR Fire Division operated and how it worked with communities, local fire districts, and with third party forestry neighbors to protect and educate. The Firewise USA program was explained together with an illustration of home ignition zones and how the homeowner can create defensible space and provided ideas for suitable plants in each zone. The complete presentation, including resources for the homeowner, will be posted on the PLVC website on the Emergency Management Committee page

Bill Dean, Chair of the Emergency Management Committee, commented that one neighborhood, Edgewood, has been certified as a Firewise community. The Bay and Beach Clubs decided to use the principles and materials recommended in the Firewise program, but they will not apply formally for certification. In addition, the Committee continued to work closely with Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue. The Fire Chief and his crew have visited the various neighborhoods and have given advice on how to clean up the brush and also how to take care of the common areas.  The Committee has scheduled a Block Captain Fair on July 22to continue discussion on fire prevention. Evacuation in case of a fire emergency will also be discussed as evacuation routes were limited for the Port Ludlow community.

Trails and Natural Resources Report—Larry Scott, Committee Chair
Larry Scott provided a detailed list of the trail maintenance projects completed by the Trails Committee and its volunteers during the second quarter. During the first six months of 2021, volunteers invested a total of 602 hours, or an average of 100 volunteer hours per month.

Since the American Volkssport Association (AVA) will host 10k and 5k walks on some of the Port Ludlow trails on Saturday, August 28, 2021, volunteers from the Trails Committee were working to ensure that participants’ experiences on the Port Ludlow trails will be as enjoyable as possible. The Board thanked the members of the Committee and its volunteers for their on-going contribution to the maintenance and safety of the trails which are of prime importance to many members of the community.

Utilities Committee Report—given by Jim Moffitt in Robert Chanpong’s absence
Jim Moffitt referred to the OWSI Customer Information notice dated June 2021, which had been enclosed with the most recent billing statements sent to customers and emailed to those using electronic billing. This notice provided up-to-date information on the 2020 Water Quality Report, the Water Use Efficiency Report, the New Sewer Rates, and the New Water Rates. A copy of the information notice will be posted on the PLVC website, Utilities Committee page at: