Board Meeting Summary

by Mike Towner, Communications Committee Chair

Report for May 6, 2021 meeting.

Greg Brotherton—County Commissioner, District 3: The County Administrator resigned last week. Mark McCauley, Central Services Director, will be the interim Director. The county council is investigating how it does business in the absence of a few other positions that have recently been and will be vacated in the near future. The commission will reach out to stakeholders who are interested in defining how the county will conduct business going forward.

Port Hadlock Sewer: A substantial funding boost of $21.125 million has been received from the state legislature. The contractor has been chosen, Avivo from Texas. Brotherton supports the 2021 Comprehensive Docket Planning Proposal that commercial zoning boundaries need to be reconsidered in light of changes in the Port Hadlock area. Other budget considerations discussed included broadband and housing.

Local news: Dog park planning will require the Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC) approval. Discussions are being planned for next month. If the county operates the dog park, it will have to be open to public access. The Port Ludlow Drainage District has appealed to the county to suspend operations for five years. The proposal requires a public hearing and ratification by the Board of County Commissioners.” There is no need for capital outlays. One hundred dollars ($100) a year per user could be used in a more efficient manner. Reserve funds would be used for maintenance activities.

Rayonier Presentation. Bill Monahan, Director of Western Forest Resources; Adrian Miller, Director of Public Affairs; and Griffin Chamberlain, in charge of the region’s non-timber income business, discussed Rayonier’s acquisition of Pope Resources and provided in-depth information of Rayonier’s land use policies focusing on the Port Ludlow area. In addition to harvesting, they also discussed Rayonier’s position on the No Shooting Zone. The full presentation can be accessed at this location:

Diana Smeland—President, Port Ludlow Associates: Diana discussed new builds in the MPR. The Olympic Water and Sewer, Inc. (OWSI) filtration project is proceeding as scheduled. OWSI is filing for a 7.4 percent rate increase. The Port Ludlow Resort room refresh is nearly completed. The Yacht Club will conduct a boat christening and parade on Saturday, May 8. Permits have been filed for two new coffee shops: one in the Conference Center and one in the Village Center.

Committee Reports:

Emergency Management. Bill Dean discussed the disaster emergency backup plan for using the fire station and the Port Ludlow Brokers’ office as backups to the Beach Club and Bay. He also described the progress of building the Ham radio communications capability with the County.

Health & Wellness. Jim Moffitt announced that Jefferson County leads the state in terms of Covid-19 vaccinations and emphasized the importance of everyone getting vaccinated.

Utilities. Robert Chanpong’s report: The OWSI Filtration project is on schedule. The replacement water well is moving ahead. Recycling reminders will be placed in the Voice. Moving it On 2021 provides resources for all recyclable objects, over and above what can be deposited in the recycling area bins. Jefferson Public Utility District (PUD) is proposing rate increases for all their services. Bill Dean and Dave Jurca suggested that PLVC request amplifying information from OWSI regarding their rate increase proposal.

Transportation Safety. Allan Kiesler reported on Phase I of the speed limit changes in the Port Ludlow area, and discussed the changes coming in the summer for Phase II. County Public Works will monitor changes in speeds and driving habits as a result of these two phases. Traffic circles and other changes may come in future phases.

LMC Update: Allan Kiesler announced that the Beach Club is in a limited opening. The indoor pool is open, and the outdoor pool opens next week.

South Bay Community Association (SBCA) Update: Tom Sprandel announced that the new website is up and operational and includes a document repository. The SBCA board meeting schedule has changed to the second Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. The Bay Club is planning on a limited reopening by the end of the month, depending on the HVAC update completion.

Citizen Comments: Bill Dean reported that the Covid-19 communications, including the weekly eBlasts, are very informative. Jim opined that the Resources section, emphasizing the graphical ones, is very important.

Internal Reports:                                               

Tam McDearmid proposed that the Board support the VolksWalk program with a donation not to exceed $500. The motion was approved. PLA also approved a donation of $500.

The upcoming Community Development committee meeting will be held on Monday via Zoom teleconferencing.

Dave Jurca commented that the upcoming eBlast regarding the OWSI rate increase should include a statement indicating the PLVC is taking an active role, not merely a neutral role on the issue. Jim Moffitt agreed we should ensure that we provide the opportunity for the community to become involved in the discourse.

Allen Kiesler announced that the North Bay storage lots renovation will be completed within the next two weeks.