Beach Club/North Bay News

Update from the Manager

by Brian Belmont, General Manager

In this month’s article I will cover several Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC) matters. 

First, I would like to recognize and thank Ashley Avery who recently resigned from the LMC Board of Trustees. I have appreciated and respected Ashley’s opinion on LMC related topics, and I was pleased to learn that she will continue to work as a member of our Communications and Member Enrichment Committee.  

In early January, Port Ludlow experienced periods of unusually heavy precipitation, followed by some windy conditions. There were several trees around North Bay that blew down, some of which fell across the roads. We also had a few street culverts plug up with debris, causing the rushing water to jump the drainage ditches. If you see trees down on the road, or plugged street culverts, you can call Jefferson County Public Works Road Department at 360-385-0890. Public Works will send a crew out to clean up the downed tree, or remove the culvert obstruction but be advised you may need to be patient because Public Works has a lot of area to cover with limited personnel. 

During the upcoming months there will be a lot of work going on in LMC’s RV storage lots. LMC has contracted with Viking Fence to replace the chain-link fencing that surrounds the perimeter of the storage lot. Mathews Electric has been hired to upgrade the overhead lighting and electrical service to the powered spaces. As we learn actual start dates, LMC will be contacting our members who have stored equipment, if we feel they need to move out temporarily while the work is underway. I do not expect that everyone will need to move their boats and trailers, especially those whose space is not on the storage lot perimeter. For those who are asked to move their stored equipment, if you do not have room at home, LMC can accommodate some using the Beach Club parking lot.

Just a reminder to our LMC members: this year’s annual assessment was due on January 15, however you have until February 15 to pay the assessment without incurring late fees. If you need to set up a payment plan, please call or email me to do so.

As always, if you have questions or comments about this article, or the on-going work at the Beach Club, I can be reached at 360-437-9201 or by email at