October 11: A Day to Support and Celebrate Girls

by Marie Bogan, Staff Writer

Did you know that girls of all ages—from Port Ludlow to Port-au-Prince—have a fall day that is dedicated solely to their well-being and future potential? International Day of the Girl is annually observed on Monday, October 11.

It was instituted by the United Nations nine years ago to recognize specific challenges faced by girls around the world. Those challenges include ongoing violence and inadequate access to health care. The day is imbued with a special emphasis on child marriage and the importance of education.

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Earthquakes aren’t going to stop during a pandemic: Let’s be prepared

by Jay Bakst, Port Ludlow Great Washington Shakeout Coordinator

Our earthquake preparation does not stop because of a pandemic. Each October, Jefferson County participates in the Great Washington Shakeout. It is a time to review the steps to take should a big earthquake occur and a chance to coordinate actions between Port Ludlow and Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management. This year’s event is scheduled for 10:21 a.m., Thursday, October 21. 

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Port Ludlow Art League

At an impromptu luncheon at the Port Ludlow Inn some 20 years ago, Phyliss Hansen, Jeanette Best, and Janice Gruber, along with several other local artists, discussed ways to share their artwork with the community.

It’s no surprise that artists are drawn to Port Ludlow. After all, the community offers a picturesque bay and marina, two delightful community gathering places, a beautiful 18-hole golf course, many scenic hiking trails, and a variety of activities that many community volunteers work hard to provide.

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Sustaining your Port Ludlow Voice

by John Goldwood, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 14, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., we will host an ‘Introduction to the Port Ludlow Voice’ in the auditorium of the Bay Club and will share details regarding how volunteers can be a part of this effort. We hope you will consider attending, learn more about what we do and how we do it, and consider joining our merry band.    

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Meet Your Firefighters

by Ron Dawson, Guest Writer

Meet Gary Kavanagh, who has been the Acting Chief of Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue until the consolidation with East Jefferson Fire and Rescue took place on September 1, 2021. Gary started his fire service career in California in 1979 and was Battalion Chief for a portion of the twenty-eight years he was with CalFire. After retirement in California, he moved to Port Ludlow, where he bought a lot with his wife Nancy and built a home. They have two daughters; Jennifer, who lives in the area, and Dawn, who is in South Dakota. Not one to sit around, he has been a volunteer with Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue for the last five years.

submitted Photo

He was attracted to our area after visiting his brother in Poulsbo. Interestingly, he grew up in a family where eight members were in the fire service. He has an interest in boating when away from the job, and presently is between boats. His big decision is whether to go sail or power when he replaces his boat. Since putting in a backyard bocce ball court, Gary and family look forward to having the Port Ludlow firefighters over for friendly tournaments.

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