Meet Your Firefighters

by Ron Dawson, Guest Writer

Meet Chief Bret Black, head of East Jefferson Fire and Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue departments. Black has been in the role of Chief in Jefferson County since December 2021, when he accepted the job after being the Chief of the Piedmont, California, fire department in the East Bay/San Francisco area. Bret was one of 22 applicants for the Jefferson County job. The recruiting trip to our area, the lifestyle on our Peninsula, and the people he would be working with appealed to him in his professional development and contributed to his decision to come to our area.

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by Carol Riley, Staff Writer

OAP Garden

Farm to table has become the catch phrase for so many restaurants enticing their patrons with the idea of menus built around the bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables grown locally. Well, Spirits Bar & Grill at the Old Alcohol Plant (OAP) in Port Hadlock has taken that one giant step further.

They are paring down their traditional menu to make room for nightly specials based on Garden to Table – their own amazing gardens right on their property. Each year for several years their talented gardeners, Kira Mardikes and Patrick Ryland, have expanded their fruit and vegetable plots. The rainy spring and recent sunny days have resulted in an abundance of greens and vegetables – so much so that in addition to appearing on the menu, many of the items can be purchased at the newly opened farm stand adjacent to the entrance of the hotel. The fridge is stocked with several types of lettuce, sugar snap peas, artichokes, zucchini, broccoli and more. The items change frequently depending on what’s ripe, and you can pay with cash, check, and Venmo.

The vegetables aren’t the only thing that has responded to this weather. The flowers on the grounds are stunning, and it is such a delight to dine outside on the patio surrounded by all that is in bloom with a view of the water as an added bonus. Pet owners will be happy to learn that well-behaved dogs are welcome on the patio dining area.

The OAP has expanded to where they knew it was time to bring in more expertise. They have hired Joe Mollerus from Coho Services to help them fine-tune their operation, exchange ideas with other hotel/restaurants, and benefit from shared services.

I hope you take the opportunity soon to visit OAP, shop at the farm stand, dine on the patio and enjoy this gem in our midst. Please remember that you are also ‘dining for a cause’ as the proceeds from the restaurant help to support Bayside Housing and Services.

Photo by Steve Deligan

Are you Sirius?

by Jim Gormly, Staff Writer

It’s August and the dog days of summer are upon us, or so the saying goes. Hot weather in Port Ludlow is usually not an issue, and as I write this article in early July, we’re experiencing a stretch of cool, typical Olympic Peninsula summer weather. Growing up in St. Louis where steamy hot August days are the norm, however, I perspired a lot as a child in August, but I never gave the meaning of ‘dog days’ much thought. I just assumed it was too hot for dogs to run about. Nonetheless, Earth is currently traveling through a part of its yearly orbit that people for millennia have called “the dog days of summer.” But what is the dog, and why is it associated with hot weather?

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Iris: Iridaceae

by Eline Lybarger, Staff Writer

Japanese Iris

This article will not cover all Iris (there are, after all, 200 to 300 species), but hopefully it will make you aware of some options for your garden. Most common are the Tall Bearded Iris. They need good drainage but regular watering from the time growth starts in late winter until six weeks after the flowers have faded: This six weeks is when next year’s blooms are formed and the rhizome increases in size. Fertilize in early spring and after they have finished blooming.

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Nuwara Eliya Holiday

by Suyin Karlsen, Guest Writer

Nuwara Eliya is a little hill station in today’s Sri Lanka which was known as Ceylon under British rule. Sri Lanka is a tear-drop-shaped island south of India. In 1976, I visited Nuwara Eliya because nobody went there. Also, I have blood lines to that island. Way before became famous, I’d already started that ancestral journey. I did not find any relatives but I did find an elysium in the City of Light which is Nuwara Eliya’s other name.

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Shelter From the Storm — A Program of the Community Boat

by Kat Mullins, Guest Writer

“I’m looking for a place to live.” If the young people of Jefferson County had a nickel for each time they heard a friend express the need for affordable housing, they might just be able to pay their rent. I sought out an internship at the Community Boat Project in Port Hadlock to be a part of the solution to our local housing crisis while acquiring carpentry skills to aid me in my future job search. As a young farm worker in the neighborhood myself, I am acutely aware of the obstacles to finding suitable living spaces. Like so many people who come to our area to learn and work, I have experienced the struggle to find housing within my budget. The Community Boat Project’s Shelter from the Storm program provided me with an opportunity to make a difference while learning the basics of construction from other, service-oriented people.

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Port Ludlow Art League

Artist of the Month – Patricia Webber

At Flood Tide
by Patricia Webber

As a member of the Executive Committee of the Northwind Art Board of Directors, the founder of the Abstract Critique Group, now in its seventh year, and the Program Director for the Port Ludlow Art League, Patricia has exhibited her artwork in solo and group shows throughout the Olympic Peninsula.

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