Our County Library: How It Grew, What It Offers

by Dr. Tamara R. Meredith, Jefferson County Library District Director

Dr. Tamara Meredith has been the Director of the Jefferson County Library District since 2017. She has worked in library administration and education for over 17 years, including public, school, and academic libraries in Colorado, Wyoming, and Washington.

Home Library Service

Our Home Library Service is a free, personalized home delivery service for county residents who are unable to visit the library due to age, disability or illness. Caregivers are also eligible.

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Port Ludlow Art League

December Program Meeting
Speaker – Carol Reynolds

The Owl
by Carol Reynolds

The Port Ludlow Art League is delighted to welcome Carol Reynolds as the speaker for their December Program Meeting.

Growing up in a household where her mother was a seamstress and her grandmother a needleworker, Carol was instinctively drawn to textile art. Initially a weaver, Carol will speak about a new technique called “new hand stitching” or “slow stitching,” which is a mindful process that encourages the artist to thoughtfully create textile art by stitching with needle and thread. Carol works with repurposed cloth, thread, and photo transfers—cutting, ripping, sewing, dying, and painting fabrics, achieving depth by layering with transparent and translucent materials.

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Return of Community Theaters

by Bev Rothenborg, A & E Editor

It has been a long two years’ wait for those of us who enjoy visiting the community theaters in the area. Many of the actors and staff with a few exceptions are unpaid volunteers whose dedication to their craft never ceases to impress me. The hours of preparation are obvious in the professionalism of the productions. If like me, you haven’t been able to experience locally performed little theater recently, here is an idea of what is going on:

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South Bay Community Association Update

by Gil Skinner, President, SBCA Board of Directors

Big month and more exciting things on the way.

The SBCA and the LMC have formed a small subset group of members from both organizations to meet and hopefully help build our sense of community. In that regard, the SBCA invited LMC members to our Friday night social on October 14. We had approximately 100 people attend and about 30 were from LMC. Great fun for all and we are looking to increase these kinds of activities.

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Beach Club / North Bay – Update from the Manager

by Brian Belmont, General Manager

Happy Holidays!

It has been a journey, but we are again fully staffed at the Beach Club. In early November we hired Madeleine “Maddy” Kingsfield as a full-time maintenance employee and Cole Dotson as a part-time maintenance employee. Maddy and Cole join Don Baker and Liam Wells in our Maintenance Department. Maddy and Cole, welcome to our Beach Club team!

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Tai Chi, A Practice for Life

by Frank Deering, Guest Writer

Tai Chi Class (L to R)
Jill Jiracek, Steve Jiracek,
Jackie Rick, John Sweet,
Frank Deering (instructor)

Tai Chi is a form of movement and gentle exercise that is practiced widely around the world today. One might consider it a form of ‘yoga in motion’ with many health benefits. The postures are done in a slow, smooth, relaxed and gentle way. There are many different styles of Tai Chi that offer various benefits and degrees of intensity. Although Tai Chi has the distinction of being both a martial art and a form of relaxing movement and meditation, my focus of teaching Tai Chi highlights the health, well-being and relaxation benefits one derives from the practice.

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Trail Mix

by Larry Scott, Trails Chair

Again? Yep, Trails is reaching out again. In the November Trail Mix, Trails was looking for help with staffing the committee for two easy positions (read that as once a month), a treasurer and a secretary/scribe/ recorder. We are halfway there; we have a volunteer for the treasurer position but as of this writing (a month’s lead time) we are still searching for the second volunteer that can spare a couple hours once a month. Send an email if that describes a schedule you can volunteer for and support.

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