LVP Announces Performances & Auditions

  • October 7th & 8th: Broadway on the Bay
    Performances at The Beach Club
  • October 24th: Audition Reservation Deadline
  • November 16th: Audition
  • November 17th: Audition Callback


Wouldn’t you enjoy the opportunity to try your luck onstage, beneath the lights, with a welcoming company of experienced actors? Well, now is your OPPORTUNITY! On Wednesday, November 16 , LVP will be hosting a murder-mystery-dinner audition. Each participant will, in fact, be auditioning for a role in our spring production of Night Watch, a play of suspense in two acts by Lucille Fletcher. The New York Times says, “A most superior thriller…which from its first blood-curdling scream to its last charming surprise is a first-class example of its genre.”

We will be casting four women and five men, ages 30 to 80, for our soon-to-be-great cast. Dinner will be served promptly at 6 p.m. Your character for the “opportunity” will be assigned and you will get to be that character, utilizing script suggestions in an improvisational setting. Lots of fun and easier than memorizing a monologue or cold reading. Interested parties must reserve a spot by Monday, October 24. We will then send an invitation and character instructions. There will be no chance to audition without a reservation. We ask that you also plan on possibly coming back on Thursday, November 17 for call-backs and rehearsal details, including scripts. You may email your audition reservation anytime until October 24 to Susan Abrahamson at a2203|||plvoice|||org|||LVP Audition .


The Ludlow Village Players has been bringing you top-notch community theater since 2007. Join us and help us continue the tradition. Beginning this October 2022, we will change our format from one show a year to two shows annually. Our fall production this year is Broadway on the Bay, on October 7 and 8 at 7 p.m. at the Beach Club. Tickets are limited, so reserve now at Next October will be a full show musical! For any questions, or if you need further information, email Randy Powell, Artistic Director, at a2209d|||plvoice|||org|||LVP Info .