Art at the Bay Club

Ruby Beach and Destruction Island
“Ruby Beach and Destruction Island”
by Steve Deligan

Steve Deligan began his exploration of photography over 30 years ago. He soon found that taking pictures helped him focus on what really mattered in life. Over the years, Steve has moved from film to digital photography, expressing nature in its ideal, yet raw state. Steve stated, “I try to focus on the essence of what I see and make the image as minimal as possible to create a feeling that what you’re seeing is exactly how it’s supposed to be.”

Since retiring from the teaching profession, Steve’s desire to share his photography has become forefront. While much of Steve’s work portrays the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in all its majesty, he’s also captured Hawaii’s incredible beauty. He hopes the images help viewers find some peace and comfort in these turbulent times.

During May, you can enjoy Steve’s captivating photography at the Bay Club. The Bay Club is located at 120 Spinnaker Place in Port Ludlow. For information on art exhibits at the Bay Club, please email Alan Ahtow at a2112|||plvoice|||org|||PLAL Info.