An Unusual Sight

by Carol Riley, Staff Writer


Here’s something you don’t get to see very often: an all-white hummingbird which has been feeding and humming in the backyard of Aven and Shirley Anderson in Port Ludlow since mid-October.

The Andersons dubbed this beauty ‘Snowflake’ and, as of early January, he or she was still in their backyard, perching on a lilac bush, guarding the Andersons’ two feeders, and generally ignoring Aven and his camera.

White hummingbirds aren’t completely unknown in this area and, this variety, a leucistic, is a bit more common than the exceedingly rare true albino. Still . . . a white hummingbird that hangs out for three months (or more) is certainly worth noting.

For more information on the leucistic hummingbirds and their sojourns in our neighborhood, be sure to check out Milton Lum’s excel- lent article on them The Summer of the Leucistic Hummer