2022 Village Council Candidate Statements

The PLVC will hold its annual election for the Board of Directors on Thursday, October 6 , at 3 p.m. on a Zoom video conference call. Four director positions are open. Following is information on each candidate listed in alphabetical order.

DAVE JURCA: I was raised on a small farm in northwest Indiana. After high school I majored in math at Harvard and then went to law school at Columbia in New York. After serving as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, I worked for a large Wall Street law firm before moving to Seattle where I have practiced law since 1974, primarily handling business litigation.

My wife and I moved from Bainbridge Island to Port Ludlow in early 2013, when I started cutting back on my law practice. We love it here. We have wonderful neighbors and have made many new friends and are constantly amazed at the impressive backgrounds and diverse talents of residents of our community.

I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the SBCA Board in 2015, and then was elected to two-year terms in 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022. I have served on the Olympic Terrace II (OT2) board and am currently the OT2 HOA president, and have also served on PLVC’s Administrative, Community Development, and Utilities committees.

I have come to admire the skills and dedication of our neighbors who volunteer their time and energy to serve on their HOA boards or committees, or on the board or committees of PLVC, or other organizations that help to make Port Ludlow a great place to live. I would welcome the opportunity to continue doing my part by serving on the PLVC board.

TAMRA McDEARMID: Tam continues to serve on the Village Council because the Port Ludlow community is very important to her, and she wants to share in the responsibilities of keeping this fine village running smoothly. It’s a true joy living in a place where miles of fern-lined trails are right out our backdoor. Where a beach and marina are within a mile; where wildlife exist alongside our homes; and where the people are open and friendly.

Tam’s roles on the Village Council have included the duties of Vice President, Secretary, and chairperson of the Administration, Communications, Elections, and Movie Night committees. This past year she was a co-chair and member of the planning committee organizing the highly successful Community Opportunity Fair.

Tam sees the major function of PLVC as having a collection of civic responsibilities, including encouraging the Developer to complete the promised buildings and amenities.

Tam earned a master’s degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Development in 1976. She made a career of public service in two states working for California’s Department of Education and Oregon’s Land Conservation and Development Commission. She retired after serving 10 years as Registrar for The Lindsey Wildlife Museum in the San Francisco Bay area.

She enjoys reading, singing, aquacise, walking, gardening, creating birdhouses and jewelry. Both she and her husband Dave enjoy living in Port Ludlow surrounded by water and forest. They have 3 sons and 2 grandchildren. Thank you for your kind consideration in re-electing her to the Village Council Board of Directors.

KENNETH SONDERGARD, P. E.: My wife, Mary Lee and I have resided in Port Ludlow since February 2019. We met while living in Bellevue and relocated several times during my career yet always held the expectation of returning home to western Washington for our retirement years.

I am a US Air Force veteran, having served in active duty from early to mid-1970s. While working as a civil engineer, I had responsibility for geotechnical and materials design of military infrastructure, large dams, flood control structures, and pavements. I also served as project lead on numerous dam repair projects, team leader in construction management for a number of levee projects and served on the Skagit River flood fight team. Now retired from the US Army Corps of Engineers after having served 42 years, I continue to maintain a professional license in WA. We enjoy living in Port Ludlow and hope to be of service to the community.

MIKE TOWNER: After growing up in Los Angeles, my wife Jenny and I moved to Seattle, which provided exactly what we were looking for— the casual lifestyle of the west coast, progressive thinking, and technological leadership. Later, we made the decision to relocate to a community that provides the personal renewal that we wanted at this stage of our lives. We settled on Port Ludlow. The residents here who are so sincerely dedicated to helping others have created a caring community for us. These things have all affected us deeply and helped us realize how important the sense of community is to our personal well-being.

Why was I interested in becoming involved with the board? I was asked to apply for a vacancy, and I realized what a wonderful opportunity it would be to be involved in our community. My past three years with the board have validated that assumption. I currently serve as co-chair of the Village Council’s Communication committee.

What do I bring to the equation? My entire professional career has been in the high-tech arena. I have been involved with the evolution of computers and the Internet since the late 1960s, from scientific mainframe supercomputers to PCs. I have been involved in telecommunications for 25 years, with the last 16 years being at T-Mobile. Most of my professional career has involved people and project management, most recently in the Technology division. I hope my computer, project management and people skills will continue to prove useful to PLVC.

Additional Board Members

This experienced team will be joining Paul Hinton, Jane Holmes, and Jim Moffitt who are in the middle of their two-year terms. The vice presidents of LMC and SBCA, Joan Jonnston and Joe Guillien, are also members of the board. It is this group of dedicated individuals who work to maintain the trails, guide emergency management, and manage a myriad of other activities to promote, protect, preserve, and unify the overall Port Ludlow community. They would appreciate your votes.

More Info

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