Olympic Music Festival

Summer Season 2024
August 10 - September 8
Port Townsend, WA

Let the Muse Move You at Music Festivals This Summer

by Stephen Browning, Guest Writer

In case you haven’t already snagged tickets to Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Coachella, or Montreux this year, there’s still time to find that special venue that will not only add to your quality of life but may, in some cases, change it forever. Music festivals — annual one to six-day (or longer) special events — bring in millions of dollars of annual revenue to host communities. In the process, they increase brand visibility for the artists and venues, create obligatory traffic jams (it’s a given) and raise an infectious high energy and lasting memories along the way.

Here on the Olympic Peninsula, three major annual festivals (Juan de Fuca happened in May) attract crowds from several hundred to thousands depending on day, acts, and schedule. Musical tastes cross the spectrum from Americana (often described as an amalgam of styles to include folk, country, blue grass, gospel, blues, and R&B) featured at Olalla Americana Music Festival, classical and chamber at the Olympic Music Festival and finally, the most extensive, cross-genre showcase of talent at the Juan de Fuca Festival.

The music festival experience can test friendships or add to them, elevate or frustrate, inspire and uplift. They can be highbrow or lowbrow, table service or picnic blanket, muddy fields or grassy knolls. But it’s all about the vibe, the music and the camaraderie felt by being around like-minded people.

Consider attending one this summer — ‘tis the season when the music never ends.