Edibles: Chocolate Part 3

by Libbey Lincoln, Staff Writer

Seize, Temper and Bloom—Crystals
Chemistry and Chocolate

Finished chocolate has relatively few ingredients: cacao, cocoa butter, possibly sugar, and milk powder. Noticeably absent is water. Cacao, sugar, and milk powder are very attractive to water but are surrounded by cocoa butter, a fat, which repels water. The envi- ronment is a set up for bakers’ nightmares—the chocolate seize.

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by Eline Lybarger, Staff Writer

Lavender is a color, a fragrance, a flavor, and a plant. It is one of 47 species of the mint family and found around the world. It is usually a compact plant no more than two feet tall. The small, slender leaves are a soft dusty green to light green. Hidcote, also known as English Lavender, is readily available and loved for its deep purple-blue flowers and pungent fragrance.

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What’s Up, Neighbor?

by Donna Geer, Staff Writer

Gail Wellenstein and her husband Nick De Chadenedes hiking the West Highland Trail in Scotland

Inner Harbor Village, nestled in the same woods that surround the Bay Club, was built in 1990 and has 46 condominium units—nine duplexes and seven fourplexes that look and feel like individual homes. There’s a lot of natural landscaping, huge trees, and access to the bay. It’s common to see river otters and seals down by the water’s edge and, of course, the ever-present deer and raccoons that like to wander the grounds. This neighborhood even boasts its own pair of tiny islands. Twin Islands is within hiking distance from the gazebo, but you can only reach the first island by foot if it’s low tide. Just try not to step on the oysters, please!

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2024 Community Opportunity Fair

Summer 2024

Look for more information about the 2024 Community Opportunity Fair this fall. To keep the event fresh and relevant to both new and longtime Port Ludlow residents, the Co-Chairs will host the fair every two years. We look forward to showcasing local talent and cuisine as you explore volunteer opportunities, non-profit organizations, and local service industries in Port Ludlow in the summer of 2024.

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Meet Your Firefighters

by Ron Dawson, Guest Writer

Pete Brummel

Meet Assistant Chief Pete Brummel of East Jefferson Fire Rescue. Assistant Chief Brummel began his fire service career in 1990 as a volunteer firefighter with the City of Issaquah Fire Department. He lived next door to the fire station, got involved, and eventually was hired full-time in 1996. Originally from Connecticut, Chief Brummel attended Syracuse University where he received a degree in Advertising in 1987 and worked in New York City for several years.

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“You’re On Your Own!” Program a Great Success

On April 27, the Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) of the Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC), and the Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC), sponsored an information-packed and enlightening program before a nearly full house at the Beach Club and online. Speakers from the JeffCo Department of Emergency Management (DEM), PUD, Public Works, OWSI, East Jefferson Fire Rescue, and PLVC’s block captain coordinator, addressed hypothetical but entirely plausible disaster scenarios.

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Summer Reading at the Jefferson County Library District!

June means the start of our Summer Reading Program at the Jefferson County Library District. Kids and adults can participate in reading challenges to earn rewards beginning June 1. Getting started is easy! Visit cleoreads.beanstack.com or download the Beanstack app to participate. There will be plenty of fun for everyone with programs, events, and activities to keep people of all ages busy throughout the season. Visit jclibrary.info for complete program details.

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Turtles All the Way Down – Martha’s Book Group

by Milt Lum, staff writer

Turtles All the Way Down, a saying derived from mythological stories of creation, refers to the problem of infinite regress. Since 2017 it has been associated with John Green’s fifth novel titled Turtles All the Way Down. Like all his prior novels involving young adults coming of age, Turtles has garnered a huge following among readers and has been adapted into a film which is poised for release.

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